MP Board Class 10th English Letter Writing (Formal and Informal )imp questions (अंग्रेज़ी)

4 .Letter Writing

(Formal and Informal Letters)

A  Formal Letters


  1. Write an application to the Principal of your school requesting him for three days leave on account of your illness.

19, Subhash Marg.

Guna (M.P.)


The Principal, Govt. Boys/Girls H.S. School,

Guna (M.P.)

Subject Application for leave

Respected Sir/Madam,

I beg to state that I have been suffering from malaria since Monday. The doctor has advised me to take rest for three days. So I will not be able to attend the school.Kindly grant me three days leave. Dated 3rd Sept., 20…

Yours obediently,

Mohan Sen/Rohini Gupta

Class X b


  1. Write an application to your Principal for 10 days leave on account of the marriage of your brother/sister.


75, Budnwar Path,

Bijawar (M.P.) To,

The Principal,

Govt. H.S. School,

Bijawar (M.P.).

Subject – Application for leave

Respected Sir,

I am a student of your school. I am studying in class X. The marriage of my sister/brother is going to take place on 21st November. I have to help in making arrangements. So I will not be able to come to school for 10 days from 16th November to 25th November.

Kindly grant me 10 days’ leave. Dated 15th Nov., 20…

Yours obediently,

Parashuram Bhatt

Class X D


  1. Write an application to your Principal for School Leaving Certificate. (S.L.C.).


The Principal,

Govt. H.S. School No. 1.

Dewas (M.P.)

Subject-Application for S.L.C.

Respected Sir,

I beg to state that I am a student of class X C of your school. I have passed my class IX examination this year.My father has been transferred to Barwaha Distt., W. Nimar. So I will be unable to continuemy studies here.Kindly issue me School Leaving Certificate as early as possible.

Dated 10th Sept., 20…

Your obedient student,

Mukesh Rai




  1. Write an application to your Principal, for giving you books from the Book Bank.



The Principal,

Govt. H.S. School,

Malhargarh (Mandsaur)

Subject-Issue of books from Book Bank

Respected Sir,

I beg to state that I am a student of class X E of this school. My father is a small grocer. He is unable to purchase books for me. So I request you kindly to issue me the course books from the Book Bank.

Dated: 31st July, 20…

Your obedient student,

Ramesh Sengar




  1. Write an application to your Principal, to issue you a Character Certificate. 17, Mohan Market,


Gosalpur (M.P.)


The Principal, Govt. H.S. School,

Gosalpur (M.P.)

Subject-Issue of a Character Certificate

Respected Sir,

I beg to state that I have passed my H.S. Examination in 20…. from your school as a regular student. I am in search of a job. So, I am in need of my character certificate. Kindly issue me the character certificate and oblige.

Dated 17th July, 20… Yours obediently,

Abdul Hakim


6 Write an application to your Principal to grant you full fee Concession/

Scholarship. 19. Shastri Colony,

Ujjain (M.P.)

7th July, 20…


The Principal,

Adarsh H.S. School, Ujjain (M.P.)

Subject-Regarding fee concession Respected Sir.

Most humbly I beg to state that I am a student of class X A of your school. My father is a Lower Division Clerk. He is unable to pay the tuition fee of the school. I have always been a good and brilliant student. I stood first in my class last year. I had been granted full fee concession and a scholarship last year. So I request you kindly to continue my freeship and scholarship. Thanking you.

Yours obediently.

Mahesh Soni



  1. Write an application to your Principal requesting him to change your section.

Opp. Police Kotwali

Katni (M.P.)

Dt. 17 July….


The Principal, K.S.H.S. School,

Katni (M.P.)

Subject-Regarding Change of Section Sir,

With due respect I beg to state that I study in class X B of your school. One of my fast friends Trilok has been admitted in class X A this year. I would like to attend the classes with him. So, please change my section from X B to X A.

Thanking you.

Yours obediently,

Mukul Jain

Complaints and Enquiries

  1. Write a letter of complaint to the Chief Municipal officer of your town regarding insanitary conditions of your Colony asking him to take immediate action

to make it clean. 17. Ladgali,

Dhar (M. P.)


The Chief Municipal Officer,


Dhar (M. P.)

Subject-Regarding insanitary conditions

Dear Sir.

I want to invite your kind attention to the dirty conditions in our locality. It is perhaps the dirtiest place in the town. Its road is not properly levelled . The road becomes muddy even after a little rainfall. The water stays on roads almost all through the year. The gutte are not cleaned regularly. The stagnant water creates pits and pools. It gives rise to kinds of diseases. People throw refuse on the road. The roads are not regularly cleane Hence I kindly request you to order to clean our surroundings as soon as possible

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Jitendra Prasad


  1. Write a letter of complaint to the Sales Manager, Better Deals, Hoshangaba stating that the colour TV you have purchased is not functioning properly. A him to replace it.

12, Gopal Ganj

Hoshangabad (M. P.) Aug 13, 20…


The Sales Manager,

M/s Better Deals,

Hoshangabad (M. P.) Dear Sir,

It is to bring to your kind notice that I purchased a Crown TV from your showroom with Cash Memo BD 7507 dated May 15, 20…. For three months it functioned satisfactorily Thereafter, it developed some technical defects. It got blocked out. The picture became blurred. The sound is also not clear. Your technical inspector inspected it. But he could not repair these defects. Now the TV has stopped working. The TV is under warranty period. You are requested to replace it immediately.

Yours faithfully,

Ram Gopal Verma


  1. Write a letter to M/s Kutubi Furniture, Anand Bazar, Saket, Indore (M. P.) asking them to quote the rates of furniture you need for your school.

Nitesh H. S. School

Badnagar (M. P.)

Letter No. 17/purchase/776 Dt. 17 June, 20…


M/s Kutubi Furniture,

Saket Area, Indore (M. P.)

Dear Sir,

We wish to buy some furniture for our school. Hence please quote the prices of the following items along with your terms and conditions:.

Please reply within 10 days.


Yours faithfully,

Mohan Rakesh,


Purchasing Committee.


  1. Write a letter to M/s Sandhya Services, Hamidia Road, Bhopal enquiring about the availability of typewriters.

Office of the Chief Engineer.


Khargone District

Khargone (MP)

Dt. 17 Apnl, 20 Ref Purchase/171/89


Mis Sandhya Services.

Hamidia Road

Bhopal (M. P)

Subject-Purchase of Office Equipment

We have been given the information that you supply typewriters and duplicator.We require a typewriter suitable for tabulating data with a carriage able to take paper upto 40  cm wide. We also require high speed duplicator. Please send us particular of make and model that you recommend kind model that you recommend and can supply from stock. please send your catalogue also.


Office Supdt

Office of the Chief Engineer

Khargone (MP)



  1. Write a letter to the Distt. Librarian, District Library. Mandsaur requesting him to make you a member of the Library.

17 Ratlam Road

Mandsaur (M P)

Dt 17 Feb. 20


The Librarian..

District Library,

Mandsaur (MP)



I wish to be a member of the district library, Mandsaur I wish to read novels, general books and historical books.So, I request you to enroll me as a member of your library. I assure you that I shall obey all the rules to be followed by members

Thanking you

Yours faithfully, Ravi Mohan



  1. Write a letter to the Editor, Readers’ Digest requesting him to send you the magazine by post regularly every month.

Jawahar Marg, Ratlam (M. P)

Dated Dec 25. 20.


The Editor, Readers’ Digest,


Subject-Annual Subscription of Readers’ Digest


I wish to be a regular subscriber to your magazine Readers’ Digest. herewith a cheque of 502 as the annual subscription. Please send me Readers’ Digest on the above address regularly commencing from the issue of month Jan., 20… Yours faithfully, I am enclosing

Thanking you.

Raj Mehra


Informal Letters

Letter to Father


  1. Write a letter to your father to send you 1,000 by money order to purchase books etc. Or Write a letter to your father telling him about your study. 16, Parsi Mohalla,

Raipur (M.P.)

Dated 19th Sept, 20…

Respected father,

High regards. I am quite well here. I hope you are also in good health there with other members of the family.Received your letter. I came to know all the news. I hope grandmother must have now become healthy again. My studies are going on very well, and I am studying hard. I hope that I will get good marks in the examination. I have to buy some books and pay the school fee. The Board examination fee is also to be deposited soon. So I am in need of 1,000. Please send this amount by money order.

Love to kids. Regards to mother.

Yours affectionately,

Sohan Anand



  1. Write a letter to your father seeking his permission to go on a tour.

Saraswati H.S. School,

Dhamnod (Dhar) 7th Oct., 20…

Respected father,

Regards. I hope you are well and fine there.

I am to inform you that a camp of Red Cross is going to be organised at Pachmarhi for 10 days from 1st of November. I want to attend this camp. Please allow me to go there. Please write a letter to our Principal. Kindly also send 500.

Thanks a lot.

Your loving son,



Letter to A Friend

3.Write a letter to your friend asking him to come and spend some days during summer vacation with you.

52. Raj Mahal Colony,

Indore (M.P.) 6th May, 20

My dear Javed, Namaste

I hope you are quite well there. I am fine here. I am glad to know that you have done well in the examinations.You have written about the new place. You must be remembering your days at Indore. Our examinations are over, so why don’t you come here for about a week. We will have nice time together. Please write when you are coming here,

Rest is fine. Yours truly,

Rakesh Makwana


  1. Write a letter to your friend congratulating him on his success in the examination.

Azad Marg.

Manawar (Distt. Dhar)

1st July, 20… Dear Nitesh,

Hearty congratulations on your huge success in the High School Examinations. I saw your result in our school. You have stood first getting distinction in all subjects. You have put an example before me. We all are very happy to know this. I distributed sweets among my friends.

Rest on meeting.

Yours lovingly.

Suresh Joshi


  1. Write a letter to your friend to attend your brother’s/sister’s marriage.

511, D.R.P. Lines, Ratlam (M.P.)

17th Nov., 20..

My dear friend Narayan, I hope you are healthy and happy there. You will be glad to know that the marriage of my elder brother/sister has been fixed on 3rd December. We will send you the Invitation Card soon. I am very eager to see you. Please come here 3-4 days before the marriage date. We shall have a very nice time. Rest on meeting.

Yours as ever,

Lalit Mohan

Letter to Uncle


  1. Write a letter to your Uncle telling him about your hostel life and thanking him for the birthday present.

R. No. 50, Azad Hostel,

Gopal Goth,

Gwalior (M.P.)

6th Aug., 20…

High and I hope you are hale and hearty there. I am doing well here. Thanks a lot for the letter and the birthday present for me. The wrist watch you have sent for me is Very nice. I was in bed of a wrist watch.
Session has started in the school I am studying regularly. I have obtained good marks in two tests
of all subjects. The hostel life is going on well. Though there are some problems, but I am ajasting myself.
Rest is fine
Anpand Metsuma

7. Write a letter to your friend inviting him to your birthday party.

50, Random. Read
Neemuch (MP)
Dear Sumit,
I hope you are quite aell and fine there. You know my birthday falls on 20th March This year so I wish to spend it with friends like you. A birthday party has been ranged on this day at Ananda Garden at 7p.m. Please do come and also bring your Little sister with you
Rest on meeting
Yes as c


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