MP Board Class 10th English Picture Guided Composite imp questions (अंग्रेज़ी)

Visual Stimulus

Write a paragraph of about 80 words on the basis of the visuals given :

Computers are in use everywhere. At home, at offices, at shops, at hotels etc. At home, children play several games, learn their lessons, use e-mail etc. It keeps accounts, prepares bills and a lot of information can be saved in it. Computer does the job of printing perfectly as well. The keyboard is used to type and provide input. The mouse is used to manipulate and keep the record in files. The printer prints the letters, bills etc. Because of computers, the working of the banks has become quick, simple and accurate.



Unity in Diversity/National Integration/
Communal Harmony

India is marked with diversity of religions, language, cultures, races and regions. There are many religions believed and practised in India. Hinduism, Islam, Christianity are the main religions besides Jainism, Buddhism, Sikhism. India is a secular not showing favour to or discriminating against any of them. Besides, there are through the ages. People of various cultures and civilizations came to India and became a part of its culture. There are many regions quite different from one another. The people languages spoken all over the country. There are many cultures cultivated and practised living here vary in their appearances, customs, traditions. In spite of religious, lingual.
cultural, racial and regional diversities, India has survived as a
‘Unity in Diversity’,


The Clever Fox

Once a fox fell into a well. He tried again and again to jump out, but he failed The well was too deep. After a little while, a goat passed by. He was thirsty. He looked into the well. He saw a fox in it. He asked the fox, “What are you doing there ?” The cunning fox replied, “I am drinking water. It is very cool.” As the goat was thirsty, he He ran away. He did not stay to help the goat out. It is rightly said, “Look before you jumped into the well. The fox jumped upon the goat’s back and jumped out of the well leap”.


Unity is Strength

A king had three sons. But the king was not happy as his sons were always quarrelling among themselves. One day the king brought a bundle of sticks and asked his sons to break it. Each of them tried his best but could not break it. Then the king untied the bundle and asked his sons to break the sticks separately. They broke the sticks very easily. The king told them that none of them could break the sticks when they were tied together. But when they were untied, they were broken easily. Remember, ‘united we stand, divided we fall’. Real strength lies in unity.


Noise Pollution

This age will probably be known as the noisiest in human history. People create a lot of noise on every occasion, marriage, convassing, advertising and also to create noise for its own sake. Noise is the greatest bane of modern life. Hawking in the streets makes a great noise. The vehicles, motor cycles, scooters etc. also create a great noise. The noise in and around us is wearing us out of a terrific pace. The factories, mills and other machines also disturb us and contribute to noise pollution. People shout loudly in rallies and movements. We should minimise noise pollution so that all may live peacefully.


8.Read the following chart showing the ordinary process of withdrawing money from ATM. Write a paragraph on it.


Withdrawing Money from ATM

The process of withdrawing money from ATM is very simple. ATMs are located at several places. Firstly, Locate an ATM. Now if the door is closed, insert your card in the slot and push the door. Go in. Now insert the card in the slot in the machine and on the screen there will appear some options. Touch the option BANKING. The machine will ask you to select the language’. Select the option of language. Now the machine will ask you to enter your PIN. On the screen there will again appear several options. Select the option ‘withdrawal’. Then the machine will ask you whether the account is ‘Current’ or ‘Saving’. Choose the right option. Now enter the amount you wish to withdraw and touch ‘Yes’ option. The machine will ask you to wait since the process is on. And then you will get cash and the balance slip (statement). Collect the cash and the statement and then come out.

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