MP Board Class 10th English Unseen Passage-1 imp questions (अंग्रेज़ी)

Unseen Passage-I


Read the passage carefully and answer the questions given below it:

  1. There are some benefits of switching over to solar energy. First of all, using solar energy is good for our environment. Solar panels do not emit harmful greenhouse gases that cause global warming. Solar panels require very little maintenance because there are no moving parts. They are also not that hard to install. They also do not lose much efficiency over the years. The Indian government and many states offer tax benefits and other incentives to people who decide to install solar panels. Solar energy systems can be used in remote areas. Even if a diesel generator is the technology of choice, solar energy is a better option as it helps us to reduce our electricity bills.

Questions :

(a) What is the benefit of switching over to solar energy?

(b) Solar panels emit harmful greenhouse gases.

(c) Solar panels do not lose much over the years. maintenance as

(d) Solar panels require very little

(i) They have small parts.

(ii) They are not large.

(iii) There are no moving parts.

(iv) They can be installed in open space.

(e) Give the noun form of the word ‘decide”


(a) The benefits of switching over to solar energy is that it is good environment.

(b) False.

(c) efficiency.

(d) (iii) There are no moving parts.

(e) decision.

  • 2.”One day, a wonderful plate made of gold fell from heaven into the court of the temple. These words were inscribed on the plate-“A gift from heaven to him who loves mankind the best.” The priest invited people to the temple and told about the gift from heaven. All claimed that they loved the best. Then each one got up one by one, narrated his own kind deeds, but as soon as he touched the plate, it turned into lead. The nichest man in the city got up and spoke about his charity. But as soon as he touched the plate, it turned into lead. A poor farmer was also present there. He did not know about the gift. He sat in a corner quietly. People called him. He bowed to the priests and touched the plate. It shone more brightly. The priest awarded the plate to the poor farmer.


(a) Who was awarded the plate ?

(b) The plate of gold fell from the ceiling of the temple.

(c) The awarded the plate to the poor farmer.

(d) When the richest man touched the plate, it turned into

  1. (1) gold
  2. (2) silver
  3. (3) coal
  4. (4) lead

(e) Find out a word from the passage that means “written”


(a) A poor farmer was awarded the plate.

(b) False.

(c) Priest.

(d) (iv) lead. (e) inscribed.


  • 3. Power can help us or kill us. It lets us watch TV, make popcorn in the microwave, light the house at the flick of a switch, and so much more! Is your refrigerator running? It is, if you have electricity. That shows the importance of electric power in our lives. There are some tips about how to save power, both in your home and at school.We are all aware that there is an acute shortage of electric power in India. Thesaying goes, “Power saved is power generated.” So let us generate power by savingit. To start, we must switch off lights, fans or air conditioners when leaving a room.Similarly, we should use only the amount of light we require, instead of switching on all lights when entering a room. During the day time, we should only switch on lights if it is absolutely necessary. At this time, we should open the curtains so that we can use natural lighting as far as possible.Of course, the ideal solution will be to use LED bulb technology wherever possible so that incandescent bulbs are consigned permanently to the wastebasket.


(a) What is the popular saying about electricity ?

(b) Power can help us or kill us.

(c) There is an …………. shortage of electric power in India.

(d) The ideal solution to save electricity is:

(i) to use candles

(ii) to use microwave

(iii) to use LED bulb

(iv) to use air conditioners.

(e) Give the noun form of generate”


(a) “Power saved is power generated” is the popular saying.

(b) True.

(c) acute.

(d) (iii) to use LED bulb.

(e) generation.


  • 4.Alladin was a poor boy who found in an ancient tomb an old lamp, which he proudly took home. But he did not know what a treasure he had found until he began to polish the lamp. As soon as he began rubbing it, a terrible Jinn appeared, who told him that he was the slave of the magic lamp and bound to do any task his lord and master wanted. When Alladin wished for anything, he was only to rub the lamp and Jinn would appear to carry out his wishes. The Jinn was good at his word, for he supplied Alladin with boundless wealth, built splendid palace in a moment, married him to the king’s daughter and made him a prince.


(a) What happened when Alladin rubbed the lamp ?

(b) The Jinn good at his word.

(c) Jinn supplied wealth to Alladin.

(d) Jinn built……………. for Alladin.

(ii) a palace.

(iii) a tomb

(iv) a cart.

(5) Find out a word from the passage which means “very old


(a) When

(b) True.

(c) boundless

(d) (ii) a palace.

(c) ancient.


5.The sun descending in the west,

The evening star does shine,

“The birds are silent in their nest.

And I must seek for mine.”

The moon like a flower, In heaven’s bower,

With silent delight

Sits and smiles on the night.

Farewell green fields and happy grooves Where lambs nibbed, silent moves

The feet of angels bright;

Unseen they pour blessing.

And joy without ceasing On each bud and blossom And each sleeping bossom.



(a) What happens when the sun descends ?

(b) The moon smiles at the night with silent delight.

(c) The …………… pour blessings and joy on

(d)with what does the poet compare the moon ?

(I) flower

(ii) milk

(iii) a white leaf

(iv) birds.

(e) Give the opposite of ‘descend”.


(a) When the sun descends, the stars shine.

(b) True.

(c) angels,

(d) (i) flower. (e) ascend.


  • 6 Man has depended on plants ever since life began. The reasons are various-for food shelter and clothing. The destruction of plants has been a cause of tremendous concen to him. Hence he tries to preserve plants from both man-made and natural calamities He adopts various methods to overcome these calamities. To do so, scientists have also evolved the process of tissue culture, whereby a complete plant can be developed from just a part of the plant. This proved to be a boon. This technique involves a process i which small pieces of different parts of a plant body are grown on a nutritional meda under completely sterile conditions. This concept dates back to 1878 when a German Botanist Vochting said that from a small plant piece, a whole plant could be generated Later, Haberlandt in 1902 postulated that the cultivation of artificial embryos is possible depending on the nutritional media.



(a) What does man do to save the plants from destruction ?

(b) Tissue culture has proved to be a boon/bane.

(c) Scientists have evolved the process of

(d) Man depends on plants for:

(i) food

(ii) shelter

(iii) clothing

(iv) All of the above.

(e) Find out a word from the passage that means ‘a lot of damage.



(a) Man tries to preserve plants from both man-made and natural calamities.

(b) boon.

(c) tissue culture..

(d) (iv) All of the above.

(e) Calamities.


7 .How delightful to Sita, Ram and Lakshman were the years of their forest exile Wherever they went, they were welcomed by the companies of hermits and admitted to the forest ways of life. Thus they were quickly established in huts made of leaves and carpeted with the sacred grass, like other ascetics. Quickly they had also arranged ther articles of worship, and gathered together their small stores of necessities and without

any loss of time, Sita fell into the habit of cooking for her husband and brother like any peasant-woman and serving them with her own fair hands. Now and then it would happen, during their first years in the forest, that they came across some great saint, who would recognize Ram at the glance as the Lord himself.



(a) How did Sita help Ram and Lakshman ?

(b) The huts were made of leaves and sacred grass.

(c) The recognized Ram as the Lord himself.

(d) The years of forest

(i) delightful

(ii) gloomy

(iii) frustrating

(iv) tiresome.

(e) Which word in the passage means ‘articles of need’ ?


(a) Sita helped Ram and Lakshman by cooking and serving them food.

(b) True.

(c) saint.

(d) (i) delightful.

(e) necessities


  • 8 . Kalpana Chawla, the astronaut who died on aboard the space shuttle Columbia, had been sponsoring two students from her school (Tagore Bal Niketan in Karnal) each year since 1997 for the International Space School Camp in Houston. Sanpreet Kaur and Namita Alung visited NASA in August 2002. “We spent an excellent day with KC; she even cooked for us and made us feel totally at home”, Namita. These two and other youngsters who benefitted from this programme, say, as she was popularly known, might have been the first Indian-born woman in space was entirely unaffected by her success. Gaurav Goel of the 1999 batch and now an engineering student at Ambala said. “Not only was KC down to earth, she still retained the Indian in herself despite living in US for so many years”. Even as a student, Kalpana had looked out for other students. She used to pay the fees for two of her college mates who could not afford it. “It is possible that to this day they are not aware that Kalpana used to pay their tuition fees.” says Sovina Sood, Kalpana’s junior in the Punjab Engineering College. Sovina who now teaches Civil Engineering said that sometimes Kalpana would hand over the money to her “but ask me not to disclose it to anybody”


(a) Who visited NASA in August 2002?

(b) Kalpana Chawla used to pay the fees for

(c) Kalpana Chawla was an….

(d) Kalpana Chawla’s school was at :

(i) Ambala

(ii) Karnal

(iii) Houston

(iv) Chandigarh.

(e) What is the synonym for ‘sponsoring?


(a) Sanpreet Kaur and Namita Alung visited NASA in August 2002

(b) True.

(c) astronaut.

(d) (ii) Karnal. (e) contrib

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