MP Board Class 10th Science imp questions Chapter 16 Management of Natural Resources

MP Board Class 10th Science imp questions Chapter 16 Management of Natural Resources

CHAPTER     16

Sustainable Management of


Natural Resources


Objective Questions


Multiple Choice Questions


  1. Fossil fuel is

(a) Coal and petroleum


(b) Wood


(c) Biomass


(d) All above


  1. Fossil fuel contains


(a) Carbon


(b) Sulphur


(c) Nitrogen

(d) All above.


Ans. 1. (a), 2. (d).


Fill in the Blanks


  1. Sulphur gives……….gas on combustion


  1. Carbon gives ……and ………gases on combustion.


Ans. 1. Sulphur dioxide, 2. Carbon mono-oxide, Carbon dioxide.




  1. Fossil fuels were formed from the degradation of biomass millians of years ago


.2. Fossil fuels are environmental friends.


Ans. 1. True, 2. False.


3 Match the Columns

Column ‘A’                              Column ‘B’


  1. Coal and petroleum. (a) Coal


  1. automobiles. (b) Minerals


  1. Thermal power houses. (c) Petrol and Diesel


Ans. 1. (b), 2. (c), 3. (a).


* Answer in one Word/Sentence


  1. Write names of two fossil fuels.


  1. What do you mean by Euro-1 and Euro-2


Ans. 1. Coal and petroleum, 2. norms of emission from vehicles


Very Short Answer Type Questions


  1. 1. How fossil fuel is produced in nature ?

Ans. Millions of years ago the organisms fossils (animals and plants) burried under

depth of earth and due to high pressure and temperature the degradation took place as a

result of this the fossil fuel was produced in nature.


  1. 2. Why shall we reduce the use of coal and petroleum ?

Ans. The stock of coal and petroleum in nature and will exhausted in future soon.

Therefore we should reduce the use of coal and petroleum.


Short Answer Type Questions

  1. 1. What are the disadvantage of fossil fuel ?


Why the use of fossil fuel is harmfull ?

Ans. The fossil fuel contains Carbon, Nitrogen and Sulphur which gives their oxides

on combustion. The carbon mono-oxide and the oxides of nitrogen and sulphur are very

poisionous so pollute the environment and make it poisionous. The excess of carbon dioxide

may cause the global warming.


  1. 2. What should we do to reduce the consumption of energy?

Ans. The ways to reduce the consumption of energy-

(1) We should we public vehicle in place of own vichicles and should travel the short

distances on foot or by bicycles.

(2) LED bulbs or fluorescent tubes should be used in houses.

(3) We should use the stairs in place of lift.

(4) We should wear extra sweaters in cold in place of using heating devices.


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