CLASS 9TH ENGLISH 15 Objective Type Questions (Based on Textual Lessons) MP BOARD NCERT Pariksha Adhyayan ENGLISH 9th

15 Objective Type Questions
(Based on Textual Lessons)


Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who spotted Evelyn’s potential ?
(A) Her father
(B) Her mother
(C) Her friend
(D) Ron Forbes.

2. What did Kezia’s mother ask her to make ?
(A) Chapati
(B) Snacks
(C) A gift of pin cushion
(D) None of these.

3. What did Einstein Call Mileva ?
(A) Clever creature
(B) Gentle woman
(C) Dumbo
(D) Freak.

4. What kind of a person was the doctor ?
(A) poor
(B) rich
(C) clever
(D) foolish.

5. What did Kalam’s father teach him ?
(A) Hatred
(B) Honesty and self-discipline
(C) To fight
(D) To be arrogant.

6. Who was irritating George and Harris ?
(A) Jerome
(B) Montmorency
(C) Packing
(D) All of these

7. Whom did Santosh Yadav save with artificial respiration ?
(A) Rohan Singh
(B) Sohan Singh
(C) Mohan Singh
(D) All of these

8. Whom did the author present the bear as a gift to ?
(A) His friend
(B) His children
(C) His parents
(D) His wife.

Ans. 1. (D), 2. (C), 3. (A), 4. (A), 5. (B), 6. (B), 7. (C), 8. (D).

Fill in the Blanks

1. My speciality is ……….. robbery.
2. A fight ………… out between two monkeys.
3. Friends had conjectured that the bear would ……..not her.
4. I work hard at what I do. Its my ………..
5. Santosh went on an ……….. every year.
6………is the worst packer in this world.
7. The whole country was filled with an unprecedented…….
8. One feels ………… to look into a mirror.
9. His mother thought Albert was a …………
10. I had learnt to open my…….. and ………… to sounds and vibrations.

Ans. 1. jewel, 2. breaks. 3. recognize, 4. job, 5. expedition, 6. Harris, 7. optimism,
8. tempted, 9. freak, 10. mind, body

Write True/False

1. The intruder finally murdered Gerrard.
2. Most snakes are non-poisonous.
3. Bruno was very happy in the zoo.
4. Maria Sharapova is an
5. Abdul Kalam belonged to a middle-class family.
6. Einstein was a very bright student.
7. Santosh Yadav is the only woman in the world to scale Mt. Everest twice.
8. Emperor Aurangzeb loved the sound of pungi.
9. Einstein became a gifted amateur violinist.
10. Kezia’s father did not love her.

Ans. 1. False, 2. True, 3. False, 4. False, 5. True, 6. False, 7. True, 8. False,
9. True, 10. False.

Match the Columns
(I) ‘A’ ‘B’
1. flawlessly (1) strange/weird
2. coveted (ii) former
3. erstwhile (iii) without a fault or mistake
4. condiments (iv) much desired
5. uncanny (v)spices

Ans. 1. = (iii), 2. = (iv), 3. = (ii), 4. = (v), 5. = (i).

(II) ‘A’ ‘B’

1. Tennis (i)Einstein
2. Tryst with Destiny (ii) A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
3. Theory of Relativity (iii) Santosh Yadav
4. Wings of Fire (iv) Maria Sharapova
5. Mt. Everest (v) J. L. Nehru

Ans. 1. = (iv), 2. = (v), 3. = (i), 4. = (ii), 5. = (ii).

Answer in One Word/Sentence

1. When was Einstein bom ?
2. Who became the first Indian to greet the nation on 15th August 1947 ?
3. Name the two Japanese cities on which America dropped atomic bombs.
4. Who transformed the pungi into shehnai?
5. Who was afraid of her father?
6. Who was called “Brother Boring’ by his playmates?
7. Name the book the poor doctor was reading.
8. Who declared ‘Indians will build their own India’?
9. Who collected 500 kilograms of garbage from the Himalayas ?
10. What was the name of the pet sloth bear?

Ans. 1. On 14th March, 1879, 2. Bismillah Khan, 3. Hiroshima-Nagasaki, 4. Barber,
5. Kezia, 6. Einstein, 7. Materia Medica, 8. Gandhiji, 9. Santosh Yadav, 10. Bruno.

(B) Poetry

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In ‘The Road Not Taken’, the poet finds himself standing on a fork in the
(A) pavement
(B) balcony
(C) path
(D) basement.

2. According to the poem ‘Wind’, the wind God separates
(A) parents from their children
(B) birds from their chicks
(C) heaven from hell
(D) the weak from the strong.

3. In the poem ‘Rain on the Roof’, the poet compares the darkness spread by the clouds with-
(A) sadness
(C) calm
(D) patience.

4. In A Legend of the Northland’, Saint Peter punishes the selfish old lady by
turning her into a-
(A) kingfisher
(B) woodpecker
(C) vulture
(D) sparrow.

5. Who is the author of the poem ‘No Men Are Foreign’?
(A) Robert Frost
(B) Subramaniya Bharati
(C) James Kirkup
(D) Gieve Patel

Ans. 1. (C), 2. (D), 3. (A), 4. (B), 5. (C).

Fill in the Banks

1. ‘The Snake Trying conveys the message that we should not ………. animals.
2. The wind gives us the strength to face the ……….. of life.
3. The tree grows to its full size by absorbing years of sunlight, water and…..…
4. Being hungry, St. Peter asked the old lady for a piece of ………
5. In ‘The Road Not Taken’, the poet wanted to do something different in his life, so
he chooses the ……….road

Ans. 1. harm, 2. challenges, 3. air, 4. cake, 5. less-travelled.

Write True/False

1. In the poem ‘Wind’, the wind blows swiftly and destroys nothing.
2. Everybody is not fortunate to have a cosy bed to lie in, when it rains.
3. In ‘No Men Are Foriegn’, the poet says that some people are different and peculiar.
4. A simple jab of knife is enough to kill a tree.
5. The snake is green in colour.

Ans. 1. False, 2. True, 3. False, 4. False,
5. True.

Match the Columns
‘A’ ‘B’
1. The Road Not Taken (I)W.W.E. Ross
2. Wind (ii) Coates Kinney
3. Rain on the Roof (iii) James Kirkup
4. A Legend of the Northland (iv) Robert Frost
5. On Killing a Tree (v) Phoebe Cary
6. The Snake Trying (vi) Subramania Bharati

Ans. 1.= (iv), 2. = (vi), 3.= (ii), 4. = (v), 5. = (iii) ,
6. = (1)

Answer in One Word/Sentence

1. Write the name of the poem which is about making choices, and the choices that
shape us.
2. Which poem has been written by the great Tamil poet, famous for his patriotism in
the pre-independence era ?
3. What is the meaning of ‘ere’?
4. Which poem narrates the legend of an old lady who angered Saint Peter of her greed?
5. What do most of us think of snakes as ?

Ans. 1. The Road Not Taken, 2. Wind, 3. ‘ere is an old poetic word for “before”,
4. A Legend of the Northland, 5. Most of us think of snakes as fearsome symbols
of death.


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