CLASS 9TH ENGLISH 9 Extracts from Prose MP BOARD NCERT Pariksha Adhyayan ENGLISH 9th

9 Extracts from Prose

1. (Lesson 2)
But Evelyn was not going to give up. She was determined to lead a small and pursue her interest in music. One day she noticed a girl playing a wyligine and bodies that she wanted to play it too. Most of the teachers discouraged her raperoncini Ro Forbes spotted her potential. He began by tuning two large drums to different notes listen through your cars,” he would say, “try to senise it some other way” Says Fudly, “Suddenly I realised I could feel the higher drurn from the waist up and the lower one from the waist down.

Questions :
(a) What did Ron Forbes tell Evelyn?
(b) Evelyn decided to play music after noticing a girl, playing xylophone
(c) Ron Forbes encouraged Evelyn because he had spotted her
(i) weakness, (ii) drawback, Gii) potential, (v) None of these
(d) Identify the word from the extract which means “find”.

Answers :
(a) Ron Forbes told Evelyn, “Don’t listen through your ears, try to sense it some other
(b) True.
(C) (iii) potential.
(d) spot.

2. (Lesson 3)
“Oh, a butcher a knife – I want Grannie.” He blew out the candle, bent dow and caught up the child in his arms, carrying her along the passage to the big bedroom A newspaper was on the bed. He put away the paper, then carefully fucked up the child. Be lay down beside her. Half asleep still, still with the butcher’s smile all about her it seemed
she crept close to him, snuggled her head under his arm, held tightly to his shirt

Questions :
(a) What was uttered by the little girl ?
(b) What was the name of the girl ?
(i) Kedia, (ii) Kezia, iii) Keidia, (iv) Kazia.
(c) Kezia uttered these words because she was excited. (True False)
(d) Identify the word from the extract, which means ‘pressed closely as for comfort
or from affection’.

Answers :
(a) The little girl uttered, “Oh, a butcher – a knife – I want Grannie.”
(b) (ii) Kezia.
(c) False
(d) smuggled

3. (Lesson 4)
In 1900, at the age of 21. Albert
Einstein was a university graduate and unemployed He worked as a touching assistant, enve private lessons and finally secured a job in 1902 a technical expert in the patent office in Bern. While he was supposed to be assessing other people inventions, Einstein was actually developing his own ideas in secret. He is said to have jokingly called his desk drawer at work the bureau of theoretical physics.’

(a) In what capacity did Einstein start his career
(b) Einstein finally secured a job in!
(i) 1905, (ii) 1904, (iii) 1902, (iv) 1912.
(c) Einstein’s office was in Bern. (True/False)
(d) Pick out the word from the passage which means the same as ‘evaluating’.

Answers :
(a) Einstein started his career as a teaching assistant.
(b) (ii) 1902.
(c) True.
(d) assessing

4. (Lesson 5)
I did not know anything for certain. What sex was this snake, was it male or female ? I will never know; for the snake unwound itself from my arm and slowly slithered into my lap. From there it crept onto the table and moved towards the mirror. Perhaps it wanted to enjoy its reflection at closer quarters. I was no mere image cut in granite. I was suddenly a man of flesh and blood. Still holding my breath I got up from the chair. I quietly went out through the door into the veranda. From there I leapt into the yard and ran for all I was worth.

Questions :
(a) When did the doctor feel some relief?
(b) According to the extract, the doctor did not know whether the snake was:
(i)poisonous or not, (ii) male or female, (iii) friendly or unfriendly, (iv) None of
(c) The doctor was not scared of the snake. (True/False)
(d) Which word in the extract means ‘moved smoothly over a surface with a twisting

Answers :
(a) The doctor felt some relief when the snake unwound itself from his arm and stepped away.
(b) (ii) male or female,
(c) False.
(d) slithered.

5. (Lesson 6)
The new teacher could not stomach a Hindu priest’s son sitting with a Muslim boy. In
ordance with our social ranking as the new teacher saw it, I was asked to go and sit on
the rack bench. I felt very sad, and so did Ramanadha Sustry. He looked utterly downcast
I shifted to my sent in the last row. The image of him weeping when I shifted to the last
pow left a lasting impression on me,

(a) ‘He in the above lines, refers to :
(i) Dr. Kolam, (ii) Sivasubramania Iyer, (II) Ramanadha Sastry, (iv) Gandhiji.
(b) Why was ‘he’ sad and depressed ?
(c) The new teacher was broad-minded. (True/False)
(d) The name of the lesson, from which this extract has been taken ………… (Fill in the

(a) (ii) Ramanadha Sastry.
(b) Ramanadha Sastry was sad and depressed because his friend, being a Muslim, was
asked to sit on the back bench by order of the teacher.
(C) False.
(d) My Childhood.

6. (Lesson 9)
She had changed his name from Bruno, to Baba, a Hindustani word signifying ‘small
boy’. And he could do a few tricks, too. At the command, ‘Baba, wrestle’, or ‘Baba, box,
he vigorously tackled anyone who came forward for a rough and tumble. Give him a stick and say ‘Baba, hold gun’, and he pointed the stick at you. Ask him, ‘Baba, where’s baby?’
and he immediately produced and cradled affectionately a stump of wood which he had
carefully concealed in his straw bed. But because of the tenants’ children, poor Bruno, or
Baba, had to be kept chained most of the time.

Questions :
(a) Bruno is a/an :
(i) horse, (ii) teddy bear, (iii) orangutan, (iv) sloth bear.
(b) ‘She’ in the above extract refers to the narrator’s wife. (True/False)
(c) Mention two pranks of Bruno.
(d) Identify the word from the passage which means ‘hidden’

Answers :
(a) (iv) sloth bear.
(b) True.
(c) (i) At the command “Baba hold gun”-Baba would point the stick at you.
(ii) At the command “Baba, where’s baby” -Baba would immediately cradle a
stump of wood.
(d) concealed.

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