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1. An Indian Festival-Dipawali
The Festival of Lights
Any Indian Festival

1. Introduction-Dipnwali is an important Hindu festival. It often falls in the month of October or November every year. Lord Rama returned to Ayodhya from exile after 14 years. People welcomed him. They decorated their houses and lighted earthen lamps. It was called Dipawali. People celebrate Dipawali every year.

2. Preparation–People start preparations for this festival weeks before. They clean and white-wash and paint their houses, shops and markets. All things look new and fresh

3. How Celebrated-People put on new dresses. They prepare sweets and other
delicious food. They greet one another. At night, they light earthen lamps, electric bulbs
of different colours and bright bulbs at their houses, mainly on Amavasya, which is the
Dipawali day.

4. Worship of Goddess Laxmi-On the day of Dipawali people worship Laxmi,
the Goddess of wealth and prosperity. This is the time to enjoy. Children burn crackers.
They eat sweets. People sing and dance.

5. Importance-Dipawali is celebrated throughout the country People of all
communities take part in this festival. They celebrate it with great zeal. It is the festival
of national importance. It helps in uniting the nation.

6. For All People – The children, the young and the old, all are equally very happy on this festival. This refreshes the life. The rich and the poor, all celebrate it as per their capacity. This festival is celebrated for three days i.e., Dhan Teras, Chaturdashi and Amavasya.
7. Conclusion-Some people gamble and drink wine. This is a bad habit. They should leave this. It is harmful. People should be careful when they burst crackers. Dipawali is a very nice festival if celebrated responsibly.

2. A Great Leader-Mahatma Gandhi

1. His Early Life Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was born on 2nd October, 1869 at Porbandar in Gujarat. His father was the Diwan of the Rajkot State. His mother was a religious lady. He was married at the age of 13 years with Kasturba.

2. His Education-At the age of 7 he was sent to school. He was an average student. He never told a lie even in his school life. He paid attention on building his character. For higher education, he went to England. There he studied law and became a Barrister. He started his practice at Mumbai. At the court, he never took a false case.

3. His Political Life-In South Africa, he fought for the rights of the Indians living there. After some time, he came to India. He became the leader of the Indian National Congress. He, along with other leaders, fought bravely for the freedom of India. He are the Samura Hem
free on 15th August 1947 lewe de mar

3. My Robin
Introduction – Hobby means anything domestima Wam work to do and want to pass our time doing something so comes to

2 kinds of Hobbies-There are many and of
collection, photography, gardening, making toys My
3Hobhy – My Bobby is ganteng lieve it is the and plants are the basis of our life. They only give usin many ways as well. They make the arresh and coolTrees give us fruits to eat and wood to bum So like trees and

4My Garden-Tree is a small garden in front of my te weessome beautiful trees and plants in water hem danty and set the form
This is a very eco-friendly and useful toy grues me great pleasure ashealthy Our garden gives us flowers, fruits and vegetables In th

5. Conclusion-My mother, father ant atter members of my mi my hobby. In my lessure time, I look after my garden

4. Wonders of Seientes
Science in Our Daily Lite
Science-Uses in Our Daily Lite

1.introduction. It is the age of science. There are many wonde plays an important role in our daily life. It is made our life and more

2. Scleatifie Inventions Scientists have invested several times and and small-through observation of very simple cons. Blanty is one of the gre inventions of science it serves as in Irundrets and thousands of war mills and factores cools and warms our houses. It wasines and more gives us cool air and entertains us through cinema, TV and rides lighting houses Modern life cannot be imagined without electricity
3.Means of Communications_ Buses, cars, min situps santagreatest contributions of science. Mart can reach any part of the world within m
STD. and I.S.D. we can talk to sur friends and relatives living a great manis also a cheap means of communication and a great source of intama

4.Medicine and Surgery _Science has not only suredam lyses but it has also increased his life expectancy and made am fatias well in the
of surgery too, science has done wonders

5.Computers_ Computers are also a wonderful imtiem at se perform several complex tasks in a very stort time

6_Disadvantages of Science_Seience has a date side also a
production of atom bombs is a great danger to the world. They can deamy face world within seconds. Big factories, mills and other machines have polluted the atmosphere. It is becoming more and more difficult to get pure air and water Machines have increased the problem of unemployment also.
5. A Football Match
An Interesting Match
My Favourite Game
1. Introduction-Games are very useful for our health. They teach us discipline and also make us alert. There are many kinds of games. Students play them with great interest.

2. My Favourite Game – I like playing football very much. Since my childhood. I have been playing this game. It gives me great pleasure. It also gives me strength. It is played between two teams and it lasts for about 1 hour. The team that scores more goals wins the match.

3. The Match Arranged – The team of Teresa School, Dhar showed interest in playing a friendly match against our school team. requested them play it on our grounds. They agreed.

4. Preparations_ Our Principal sent invitations to important personalities of our town to witness the match. Our games teacher marked the ground with necessary lines. Seating arrangements for the guests were also made.

5. Arrival of Guests and Spectators-A huge crowd gathered to watch the match. The guests also arrived in time. The Principal welcomed them. People sat on sofas and chairs. Some teachers were posted at several places on the ground to maintain discipline.

6. Arrival of the Teams-Five minutes before 3 o’clock the two teams entered the field. They were wearing different uniforms. They were full of zeal and eager to play the match.

7. The Match-Exactly at 3 o’clock, the referee blew the whistle and the match started. Both the teams were equally strong. Suddenly a player of our team took the ball and scored the first goal. After 10 minutes, our team scored the second goal. SL Teresa School team tried hard and they also scored one goal. Then the referee blew the whistle as it was half-time.

8. Second Half of the Match – In the second half of the match, there was tough competition. No team could score any goal. At 4.15 p.m. the match was over. Our team won the match.
9. Conclusion-Though our team won the match by 2-1, but the play of the opposite team was in no way poor. People appreciated the performance of both the teams. Then the chief guest gave away the prizes. All went away home happily.
6. Importance of Trees
Grow More Trees
Tree Plantation

8 A Visit to a Historieal Building (Place)
1. Introduetten There are seven wonders in the world. One of them is in Indiain Agra It te the Taj Mahal

2.Site_ The W Mahal stands on the right bank of the river Yamuna. It is aboutthree kilometres away from the city. It is surrounded by beautiful gardens

3. How and Why Bull The Tai was built by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan He built this tomb in the memory of his beloved queen Mumtaz Mahal, who died 161 For about twenty years, about twenty thousand labourers worked day and night to build it

4. My Visit As I live in the nearby city Gwalior, I have been to the Taj a number of times I Viited it last a month age. One of my father’s friends and his family had came from Bangalore As my father was busy, I accompanied the guests as a guide Essays

5.The Building After buying the tickets, we entered through the main gate The men building of the Taj stands on high platform. There are four minarets on four comers. In the centre of the tomb, there are two graves side by side. One is of Mumtaz Mahal and the other, of Stah Jahan But they are not the real ones. The real es are downstairs just below them. They are richly and beautifully engraved. In front the main building of the building, there is a cistem full of water. A canal runs almost from the gate to

6. Its Beauty The T is a thing of beauty forever. Its beauty in the full moonlit night is beyond description. The more we see it, the more we praise it

7. Conclusion The Taj is a symbol of true love. It is a beautiful saya of love engraved in white marble. Rabindranath Tagore has rightly called it ‘A Dream in Marble

9. My Best Friend
An Ideal Student

1. Introduction – There is a saying, “Be civil to all, sociable to many, familla to few, friend to one, enemy to none.” You may have many friends, but true friendship is developed with one only. Satish is one of my best friends. I consider him an ideal boy

2. Details Satish’s father is a teacher. His father is a simple man, always helpfu to others. His mother is a nurse. She is a virtuous lady. Qualities of his parents at imbibed in Satish.

3. His Age and Personality-Satish is 16 years old. He studies with me in clas IX. He has a charming personality. He is healthy and good-looking

4. His Habits-Satish has many good habits. He wakes up early in the morning He studies and does his homework regularly. He reaches school in time. He obeys an respects all his teachers. He helps the weak students. He has no bad habit. He most stands first in the tests and examinations. He is not snobbish. He is a good player als

5. Position in the School Students have elected Satish, the President of th Students’ Council. He is popular among students. He organises various activities in the school. He himself takes active part in them.

6. At Home-Satish helps his neighbours in time of trouble. He helps the o and the sick. All praise him. Once he saved the life of a child when a house was fire. The child’s parents thanked him a lot.

7. Why I Like Him-I like him most because he has a very good nature is kind, honest and truthful. He always helps me. He bears a good, moral characte The Principal and the teachers praise him much. He believes in simple living and hig thinking May God grant him a peaceful long life!

10. My Favourite Game
A Cricket Mateh
Any Interesting Match Seen by You

1. Introduction Games are very essential for our life. A proverb says that healthy mind lives in a healthy body’. Gandhiji wanted that games must form an essenti part of our education Games develop good qualities like brotherhood, co-operation and team spirit in us.

2. Kinds of Games There are many kinds of games. We can select any game our choice. Some outdoor games are cricket, football, tennis, hockey etc. Some indoor games are table tennis, badminton etc.

3. My Favourite Game -1 play many games such as football, kabaddi, hockey etc, but I like most playing cricket Since my childhood, I have liked this game. My father had bought me a bat and a ball. I used to hit the ball while others threw it me. When I grew up, I played with the boys of my colony. All praised my batting.

4. The Reason for My Choice–My father was a very good cricket player inhis school days. A number of cups and medals and some beautifully framed certificates in his drawing room have been inspiring me for years. And now when I have come of age, I have opted for this game. I have become a hard-core fan of cricket and it is a part of my life now.

5. How is the Ga layed ?-It is a game played by two teams. Each team has eleven players. When one team plays, the other fields. Besides the players, there are two umpires whose decision is final and binding on both the teams. Then there are two scorers to keep a record of the entire game. The team with the higher score of runs wins the match.

6. The Matches Cricket is played at state, national and international level. Several tournaments are organised. Its commentary is broadcast on radio and telecast on TV channels. I often watch these matches on TV.

7. A Match in Our School There was a grand cricket match in our school. Our team invited the team of Anand H.S.S. No. 1. The match was arranged on Sunday. The Principal invited many guests. The match was fixed for 35 overs. Our team won the toss and invited the opposite team to bat. Abdul Aziz and Rajesh of the other team started the match as the opening batsmen. Abdul Aziz scored 10 runs and was declared Lb.w. out. Baldev Singh was our bowler. I caught 2 wickets. All the players of the opposite team were out in 32 overs. They scored 120 runs. Then our team started batting. I made 22 runs. We made 121 runs in 33 overs losing 8 wickets. Thus, we won the match. The play of the opposite team was also very good. However, we were not very proud of our victory as you know that “Cricket is by chance.

8. Conclusion-India has borne many good cricketers. It has been given “Test status’ and Test Matches are played in India as well. Cricket provides fine sport for all and is considered to be a noble game, which is usually played with perfect honesty and fairness.

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